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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to provide  high quality teaching to our students by providing a unique learning experience helping them to achieve their linguistic goals in personal, professional or academical areas.




The Most Recommended English School in Orlando


Founded by academic professionals with more than 40 years of experience in English teaching, Life USA, which was initially known as an English Tutoring Center has become the most recommended English school in Orlando for residents and international students that want to focus their learning on Conversation skills!

Due to the excellent results achieved by our students using our Immediate Conversation Methodology and our highly trained academic team, we have become a reference in Central Florida in Communicative English. In just 3 years, we have taught over 2000 students who have decided to break outdated learning, paradigms and become fluent in English!

In 2017, our headleaders in Orlando decided to expand our brand and also our quality of teaching by searching for well qualified partners to open more locations in the USA and after, in Brazil, with very specific entrepreneurs who have decided to work with one of the best private schools in the United States.

Academical Structure C

Our Academical Structure

Because we understand the difficulty of international students in learning English as a second language, the Immediate Conversation Methodology was initially based on the academic material written by a world reference in teaching English as a second language, Mr. Robert O'Neill (see Robert O'Neill Oxford Press on Google). Mr. O’Neill has published books with major world publishers such as Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and Penguin, among others.

After our initial success with the Immediate Conversation method, our school has decided to add to its curriculum the Communicative methodology for students concerned not just with speaking the language faster but also with the option to learn with a more intense academic structure. It has taken several years of research to bring our school high quality and effective products in English as a second language.

Our team of highly well-trained teachers make our classes dynamic, fun and effective all the same time!


Location Life Usa

Our Orlando area branches are well located in the best and most accessible
neighborhoods in the city, with easy access and parking. The neighborhoods
offer excellent conveniences such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and
restaurants, as well as easy access to the city's major shopping centers and
major tourist attractions.
The happiness and satisfaction of our students is our best advertisement!

  • Life Usa Orlando 1507 Park Center Dr, Orlando, Florida 32835, EUA


Life Usa Orlando Cursos de Inglês

Carlos Machado

Rio de Janeiro RJ

“Amazing to learn and have fun at the same time. I truly recommend! Teachers have absolute knowledge about the method and how to teach.”



Santos SP

“I studied over a year in Brazil and I did not learn one third of what I’ve learned at LIFE USA ORLANDO.”

Gustavo Kuerten

Gustavo Kuerten

Florianópolis SC

“I recommend Life USA for English classes and International Certifications in Brazil and USA!

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